The customer asks how much an electric pallet truck is, how should the salesman


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

double electric pallet jack

The customer asks how much an electric pallet truck is. We must first determine the customer's needs before answering the customer.

Regarding the relationship between the double electric pallet jack salesperson and the customer, we should not only talk about the "customer is God" that we often talk about. Yes, the customer is "God", but God also needs to listen to the truth.

In the past, we talked to customers about how good this walkie rider pallet jack is, and how good the double electric pallet jack is. But the shortcomings of the product are rarely mentioned. Electric forklift manufacturers abandon the traditional way of communication when training employees. When introducing products to customers, the advantages and disadvantages must be mentioned. Which pallet truck and whether the forklift is easy to use. What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages, we must explain clearly. Customers usually ask: how much is an electric pallet truck? But does "God" really understand these products? Is it enough to just do price comparisons?

double electric pallet jack

First of all, we must guide the customer to understand this product, make sure that the customer understands the function of the double electric pallet jack is what he wants, and avoid the trouble of after-sales caused by the mismatch of functions and requirements. A customer asked about the customization of walkie rider pallet jack before. When he entered the store, he looked at the price and said: Is it so expensive? The salesman asks what specifications do you want? The customer said: That's too expensive. Then the customer turned around and left. Is there anything we can do when we meet such customers who are stalking everywhere? Do you want to retaliate? "Come on, you see this is cheaper, it's half cheaper than what you just saw." Look at this, it just has no stand-on driving function, no electric walking function, no full free lift function, and other things are easy to use. (Laughing and crying) Is this fun? Electric forklift manufacturers remind you that this may attract customers' eyes. When encountering such customers, take the initiative to understand their main needs and approximate budgets. Perhaps some customers’ budgets and expectations do not match. The first thing we need to do is to let customers face up to their main needs, discard some functions that are not particularly needed, and put it in second place. In order to get the double electric pallet jack he wants, his focus is not only on "how much is an electric pallet truck", but also on the function of the pallet truck.

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