How to improve the work efficiency of double electric pallet jack


Published by NEWTON December 22,2021

double electric pallet jack

The double electric pallet jack is now a common handling tool in the market. If the company’s warehoused goods mainly need to be moved instead of being piled high, when we ask the electric forklift manufacturers, we will also be recommended to use the walkie rider pallet jack. This model is also suitable for motorised pallet jack.

Motorised pallet jacks are generally divided into manual pallet jacks and double electric pallet jacks. However, in the process of pallet handling, manual pallet jacks take advantage of its low price and are suitable for use when storing goods in stores or small individuals or small quantities. However, for large-scale cargo handling such as warehousing and freight, the manual motorised pallet jack appears to be slow and inefficient. Sometimes in order to improve work efficiency, the operator will be overloaded, and the wheels of the truck will have greater friction with the ground. Not only is it harmful to the car, but the operator is also dangerous. At this time, walkie rider pallet jack is still needed.

double electric pallet jack

The double electric pallet jack produced by electric forklift manufacturers can be divided into two situations in terms of whether the operation is labor-saving: one is mechanical steering truck, the other is electronic steering. Mechanical steering is a more laborious one. When the car is stopped, the handle can't be turned, and the car can turn its direction only when it moves. Electronic power steering is more flexible, and this steering mode is labor-saving to operate. Can effectively improve work efficiency.

The standard battery of double electric pallet jack can be used continuously for 3-4 hours under normal circumstances. If we need to use it continuously for about 8 hours, we need to purchase a spare battery. For walkie rider pallet jack, you should choose motorised pallet jack with side pull. This kind of truck can replace the battery at any time, pull the battery out of the side battery compartment, and replace it with a fully charged battery. In this way, the double electric pallet jack can work continuously.

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