What causes the tire wear of 1 ton electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON September 16,2022

As we all know, tires are an important part of a 1 ton electric forklift. Good tires can help the electric forklift carry more goods, make the electric forklift travel faster and more stable, and provide guarantee for the safe driving and efficient work of the electric forklift. However, the tires of electric forklift also have service life, and the specific time shall be determined according to the wear degree of the forklift tires. If the driver does not care about the wear of the tires of the electric forklift, it may cause the tire to burst in serious cases, which will have a bad impact on the normal operation. Then, what are the reasons for the serious wear of the tires of a 1 ton forklift truck? Electric forklift manufacturer will answer.

 1 ton electric forklift

First of all, the cause of serious tire wear of 1 ton electric forklift is road conditions, which will affect the friction between the tire and the ground and the load that the tire can bear. If the working environment of the forklift is complex, the life of the tire may be greatly reduced. Secondly, load and tire pressure will also affect tire wear. Under a certain load and tire pressure, the vehicle speed increases, the deformation frequency of the tire, the vibration strength of the carcass, and the distortion deformation around the tire and in the lateral direction will also increase, the heat generated by friction per unit time will increase, and the working performance of the tire will decrease. Electric forklift manufacturer suggests that this may lead to ply fracture and tread peeling, which will aggravate tire wear.

The corrosion of grease and acidic substances will also cause serious wear of the tires of 1 ton electric forklift. When the tire is corroded by grease and acid substances, the physical and chemical properties of the tire will change, and the bearing capacity will be greatly reduced. If the effect of high temperature is added, the damage to the tire will be more serious, and it is very easy to cause tire burst. In addition, the tire corroded by grease will have massive peeling off of the sealing layer, rubber peeling off at the tire mouth and separation of the carcass cord from the rubber. The electric forklift manufacturer reminds that since the patch cannot fit with the oil-containing rubber, it is unlikely to repair the tire even if the damage is small.

 1 ton electric forklift

Therefore, when using a 1 ton electric forklift, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear of tires at all times. If serious wear is observed, it is necessary to find out the cause in time and stop the loss in time. In addition, pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the tires after using the forklift, so as to prolong the service life of the tires. The electric forklift manufacturer tells the driver that the tire is very important for the electric forklift. Extending the life of the tire can not only save the cost, but also improve the work efficiency and quality.

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