What should you pay attention to when operating a forklift?


Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

small electric forklift

The more conventional use of small electric forklift is to load goods into pallets, and then load and unload, stack, stack the goods together, or for short-distance transportation. They are often called small electric forklifts. It is a manual stacker, an electric stacker and a semi-electric stacker. The staff should pay attention to a lot of details during the operation. Next, electric forklift manufacturers china will show you how to properly operate the stacker.

electric forklift manufacturers china first let you know about the safety facilities in some equipment, including main switch, flow limiting valve, foot brake, pressure limiting valve, protective net and so on. The small electric forklift main switch mainly refers to the main power switch; the current limiting valve is used to control the deceleration; the foot brake is used to control the braking of the equipment, which is a very reliable parking brake; the pressure limiting valve is responsible for controlling the load and protecting the net It plays a role in protecting the driver.

small electric forklift

Before driving, check whether the brakes of the equipment and the condition of the pump station are suitable for use, and whether the battery is sufficiently charged. At this time, you can first hold the joystick with both hands and force the device to move slowly; if the small electric forklift needs to be parked, it can be parked by hand brake or foot brake. Electric forklift manufacturers china reminds everyone that although this step is easy, it cannot be ignored, because nothing is more important than safety.

When unloading, pay attention to keeping the fork vertical to the shelf when it is in the low position, and then approach the shelf carefully and insert it into the bottom of the pallet. This step is fully prepared, and then return the equipment to move the fork to the outgoing tray. Only after the lifting height of the fork reaches the requirement can it move slowly to the unloading pallet. At the same time, we also need to ensure that the small electric forklift can easily enter the pallet and its location is safe. Then, the fork is lifted, the pallet is lifted from the shelf, and the aisle slowly moves back. After arriving at the destination, slowly lower the cargo to ensure that the fork will not encounter obstacles during the descent process. Electric forklift manufacturers china shows that everyone should pay attention to it. During the lifting of the goods, the steering and braking operations must be slow and careful.

After understanding the relevant content of the operation, it is very necessary for electric forklift manufacturers china to reiterate the prohibitions: no drunk driving; no overloading, no uneven placement; no riding operation; no parking on a ramp.

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