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Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

small electric forklift

Many of our customers ask a question when using electric forklifts to carry equipment: What is the difference between small electric forklift and harbor freight pallet jack? So what should I pay attention to when buying electric forklift handling equipment? Regarding these two questions, electric forklift manufacturers china will patiently answer them one by one. Next, let's first answer the difference between small electric forklift and harbor freight pallet jack.

Harbor freight pallet jack is very commonly used in airports, docks, workshops, tunnels and other fields. Because this equipment has special requirements for air and noise, it is very suitable for short-distance transportation; and the full harbor freight pallet jack has a small body, no pollution, low noise, It is easy to operate and other characteristics, but electric forklift manufacturers china believes that it is not suitable for use in some environments. The electric stacker is a kind of light commonly used lifting and stacking equipment, which has the characteristics of light body, and the load can be balanced through the support arm at the front of the body.

small electric forklift

Small electric forklift is used to carry goods, and at the same time it can be loaded and unloaded for high-pile transportation; however, the function of harbor freight pallet jack is mainly to carry and does not have the function of unloading high-pile. This is the more obvious difference between electric forklift trucks and full harbor freight pallet jack. Electric forklift manufacturers china reminds everyone to pay attention to the distinction and reasonable use in daily life.

Next, let's answer the question of how to buy a stacker truck. First, electric forklift manufacturers china will take you to understand that stackers can be divided into electric stackers and manual stackers. In addition, there are several other names for stackers, such as stackers, loading and unloading trucks, stacking trucks, and lifting trucks, which have more masts than electric pallet trucks, and most of their forks are not higher than 4.8m.

Small electric forklift and harbor freight pallet jack are suitable for narrow passages and limited spaces, and are very suitable for loading and unloading pallets in high-bay warehouses and workshops. They can also be widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, military, paint, pigment, coal, etc. industry. In addition, ports, warehouses, railways, freight yards and other places containing explosive mixtures use this kind of equipment, which is mostly used for loading and unloading, stacking and handling operations. electric forklift manufacturers china suggest that users can choose suitable forklift trucks according to the functions and characteristics of the required products and the quantity and quality of the goods.

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