The 2022 National Disruptive Technology Innovation Competition is about to begin


Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

The National Disruptive Technological Innovation Competition is an innovation exchange conference hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims to strengthen the supply of disruptive technologies, cultivate a culture of disruptive innovation, and explore disruptive technologies.

According to the knowledge of hydraulic forklift manufacturers, the first competition was held in Suzhou, Chengdu and Qingdao, focusing on 8 technical fields such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and interdisciplinary subjects, bringing together key universities and well-known scientific research institutes from all over the country. , industry leading companies and emerging innovative companies, with a total of 2,724 projects, professional selections are carried out from three aspects: "is it", "possibility" and "influence", and finally 75 outstanding projects with the most disruptive characteristics are selected to advance to the country finals.

In the end, "the only high-end semiconductor electronic grade chlorine trifluoride industrialization project in China" from Fujian Del Technology Co., Ltd. filled the gap in the field of domestic semiconductor key materials, making my country the third successful implementation in the world after Japan and the United States. Countries that have industrialized electronic-grade chlorine trifluoride have successfully removed electronic-grade chlorine trifluoride from the list of "stuck neck" materials for semiconductor chips in my country. It has won high praise from the competition organizing committee and expert judges, and won the winner of the first national subversive Technological innovation competition finals.

Just yesterday (July 5, 2022), hydraulic forklift manufacturers found that the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice to hold the 2022 National Disruptive Technological Innovation Competition. According to the competition notification, we know that this competition is still based on integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, future networks and communications, biotechnology, new materials, green technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, and interdisciplinary breakthroughs that may produce major disruptive breakthroughs. Focusing on the technical field, innovative technologies that "can change the rules of the game" are needed. When the development reaches a certain stage, it will surpass the original technology and produce replacements, which will have a transformative effect of changing the evolution curve of the technology track and subverting the status quo. Moreover, it must be closely integrated with the industry, through the formation of new processes, new products or new models, and the use of Technological innovation to drive industrial upgrading.

Hydraulic forklift manufacturers would like to remind you that the registration deadline for this competition is August 15, 2022. Units that meet the requirements can register on the official website of the National Disruptive Technological Innovation Competition ( Sign up for the competition. After the review and preliminary screening, the field competition will start from October to November 2022, and the best will advance to the finals from November to December.

In this competition, the Ministry of Science and Technology also requires the provincial science and technology administrative departments and the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee to actively publicize and mobilize, conscientiously perform organizational review and recommendation duties, and deeply dig and organize disruptive technology signs. The project participates in the competition.

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