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Published by NEWTON November 24,2023

A book once said: "There is no trivial matter in management, and local minor problems may eventually lead to the collapse of the overall situation." Details determine success or failure. A small matter can even affect the rise and fall of a country. The electric forklift manufacturer believes that the same is true of management. Even the seemingly small details are very important and cannot be ignored.

corporate culture

From the first step of managing employees - knowing people, details are very important. As we all know, Chinese people are not good at forbearance. Their personality and talent are hidden in them. They have to think twice before speaking and doing things. They are not easy to express. Therefore, if managers want to discover the personality and talent of employees, it is like facing a tightly wrapped bamboo shoot, they need to peel off its layers of shells to see the inside. So, how to open the bamboo shoots? The electric forklift manufacturer came to talk with you.

If you want to know people's minds, you should be good at starting from the details. Even if a person is good at embellishing himself, he is not a machine after all. His words and deeds cannot be all inclusive, and his true self must be shown in some details. Details can reflect the personal accomplishment of an employee, the change of mentality and thought at a certain stage. The electric forklift manufacturer believes that only by being good at looking at people from details, living habits, and speech and behavior, can managers understand the true talents and personality of employees, so as to make the best use of everything and achieve the purpose of management.

corporate culture

Let's give an example of how to see people in detail. When the president of an enterprise went to the accountant's office, he found that his desk was in a mess. However, the accountant usually did a good job, so he didn't say anything. When he went to his desk for the second and third time and saw that his desk was still in chaos, he felt that this person was not suitable for the job of accounting, which needed to be careful and organized. Sure enough, after a period of time, the fact showed that the accountant was really incompetent, so the president had to dismiss him. The electric forklift manufacturer believes that people are a knowledge in detail, and also a knowledge that modern managers must master.

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