What are the safe operation specifications of mini electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

small electric forklift

Safe operation of mini electric forklift, prohibited use range:

① Drivers of small electric forklifts are not allowed to lift with forks or pallet standing people.

② It is forbidden for people to act as a counterweight, and it is also forbidden to stand on top of the cargo and press the cargo.

③ Don't use ropes to hoist the goods, hang the goods on the forks.

④ It is forbidden to use self loading stacker to act as a tractor.

⑤ Electric forklifts cannot be used for competitive games or playing.

small electric forklift

The operating environment of is closely related to the safe operation of the forklift. This aspect should be treated with caution:

The lifting capacity of each electric forklift is different. Even a small electric forklift of the same specification is in a different environment, and the lifting capacity to the highest point is also different. It mainly depends on the flatness and softness of the ground. Therefore, when starting a new electric forklift truck, it is necessary to personally test the load situation when it rises to the highest point. If forklift manufacturers in china say that a 1.5-ton electric forklift has a standard lift of 3 meters, and the self loading stacker can only carry 400KG to its highest point, then we will load 200KG first, then 300KG, and then 400KG. This way we can determine the load rise that is most suitable for us.

small electric forklift

①. When driving the mini electric forklift, avoid mud puddles and other uneven roads. If it can't be circumvented, pay attention not to damage the chassis of the vehicle.

② In cold areas, snow chains must be added to the small electric forklift to drive on icy and snowy roads to avoid emergency acceleration and deceleration. And to avoid emergency braking. Prevent the vehicle from slipping by inertia.

③ If the mini electric forklift is operated outdoors, avoid excessively high lifting of the forklift cargo under strong wind conditions. In order to avoid overturning due to unstable center of gravity, or injuring people from the falling of the goods.

④, forklift manufacturers in china remind friends to clear the field when using mini electric forklift, and don't have irrelevant people around. So as not to accidentally hurt.

⑤ During the use of the mini electric forklift, the battery will release combustible gas. Do not smoke or use an open flame when using the self loading stacker. Charging in a closed space requires good ventilation.

⑥. When using mini electric forklift in summer, it should be noted that the temperature of the motor and other internal components is not easy to be too high. If the temperature is too high, stop using it immediately to ease the cooling temperature. The battery of a small electric forklift is an extremely important part, so pay special attention to maintenance.

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