Electric forklift manufacturer: that authority should not be overemphasized


Published by NEWTON April 15,2024

Electric forklift manufacturer remembers Galileo saying, "The land of heroes is the land of misfortune." Traditional enterprises force individuals to comply, or in disguised form, which is the culprit for the decline and loss of knowledge workers' efficiency. The size of individual free space will become a decisive factor in determining organizational achievement. In a new type of organization, managers need to offload the burden of power on employees and allow everyone to fully enjoy their autonomy at work. Andrea: "A country without heroes is an unfortunate country." Galileo: "No! A country that needs heroes is an unfortunate country." This is a classic dialogue in the masterpiece "Biography of Galileo" by Brecht, the greatest German dramatist of the 20th century. The pallet truck manufacturer believes Galileo is right.

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Electric forklift manufacturer believes that in every employee who dares to tell the truth, the establishment of authority is not the most important in enterprises that do practical things. People worship heroes, like to exaggerate the role of capable people, establish capable people and heroes as "gods", and place high hopes on them. This phenomenon is known as the "halo effect" in management science. From politicians to entrepreneurs, failure often results from being held aloof by public expectations. The pallet truck manufacturer believes that the concentration and overemphasis of power and authority is beneficial to mobilizing all forces to do things, but if it is too concentrated in the hands of one person, it may greatly lead to the consequences of arbitrariness, while also suppressing the personal creativity of all subordinates, limiting the adoption of better decisions and suggestions.

Electric forklift manufacturer believes that the reason why powerful people stand out from the crowd is actually because they are too strong, making everyone kneel down. Subordinates, when monks hit the clock every day, are submissive, passively obedient, afraid and unwilling to assume responsibility; More and more lazy, less and less confident. The pallet truck manufacturer believes that they will only want to maintain the status quo and feel that as long as they are not fired, it is good.

corporate culture

Electric forklift manufacturer believes that today, with the advent of the knowledge and information era, the source of enterprise benefits comes not from the production capacity of internal capital investment in the organization, nor from the degree of customer satisfaction outside the organization, but from the common "knowledge" that we often talk about. Knowledge can only come from individuals, and the knowledge that individuals contribute contributes contributes to organizational achievement. As the management guru Drucker said, in a "knowledge society", the users and producers of knowledge - rather than the investment of traditional "capitalists" - are the driving force of economic growth. The pallet truck manufacturer tells you that as early as half a century ago, American economist and Nobel laureate Solo discovered that capital investment contributed only 1/8 of US productivity growth.

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